Birth Doula Services


Premium Birth Doula Services

Our PREMIUM Birth Doula services are ideal for anyone that wants to put self-care at the forefront before and after they give birth. Designed to ensure moms have the support they need to make educated decisions and be their best selves for baby.


Standard Birth Doula Services 

Like our premium package the STANDARD option also helps mom put self-care at the forefront. With less help at home after the baby is born, this package may be ideal for moms that will have the support of family and friends for the weeks following the birth of baby.


Cesarean Birth Doula Services 

The C-Section Birth Doula option gives moms the support they need after surgery while the medical staff, and other support persons look after baby. This package also provides support during pregnancy so that moms are educated with evidence based information to make knowledgeable decisions.